The Story

I was born in Rwanda, lived in the Ivory Coast, and spent my elementary years in Arthurette New Brunswick. I went to high school in Maine, and then College in Washington DC. While spending a year in Qu├ębec City learning french, I fell in love. After following the girl of my dreams to Calgary, I finished a masters degree from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. Did I mention the girl of my dreams? We're now happily married.

The Jock

I love watching and playing most sports. My favourite is soccer. I was captain of my high school and University soccer teams. When I play, I'm passionate about giving it my all, leaving everything on the field and winning.

The Scientist

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I am an INTJ, or as they like to call it, "A Scientist". Although the title is technically correct, I do not associate myself with the term Scientist.

The Engineer

Some people prefer to call me an Engineer. Given where I live the term is technically incorrect, and I eschew association with the term Engineer.

The Champion

I am a champion. I champion Python, Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Test Driven Development, Hand-made goods, and Structured Abstraction. Some call me a zealot, they're probably not wrong.