Coding Adventures


python-ogre is a project to provide python bindings for Ogre and a large set of libraries which are often used in tandem with Ogre. It could be said that I started the project, although there was a PyOgre project before it, and I've actually provided very little code to the project. It is probably best said that I was the catalyst which fueled the original creation of a new set of python bindings for Ogre using pyplusplus.

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Mike Simoens and I implemented a free online chess board. We give you a board, pieces, and the ability to share the experience. You may click and drag any game piece to any free square. You may add or remove game pieces to or from the board. Once you've made your move you can e-mail the board and your move to someone who might like to make the next move. We won't tell you how to play chess. You can use our board in any way you could use an traditional chess board. We expect that you already know how the game works. If you don't know then please look up how to play chess or any chess variation.

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Herbiforge is a l-system parser with non-deterministic interpreter and real-time renderer. Although it started as a class project it eventually grew into an open source application for the worldforge project. Alas, real life has caused me to let this project stagnate more than I'd like, but such is life.

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