Herbiforge started out as a group project with Leonard Nooy for Modeling for Computer Graphics: CPSC589/689. It was an l-system parser and renderer designed for real-time rendering purposes, and got us an A in the course. :)

The initial version used a custom recursive descent parser combined with a custom OpenGL rendering engine. I was responsible for the parser and most of the Qt interface, while Leonard coded the renderer.

After the class, and with Leonard's permission, I released the code under the GPL and turned it into the Herbiforge program. During that process the parser was ported to a Lex parser (for maintenance), the UI was ported to gtkmm (to get away from Qt which wasn't open source on windows yet). Some work was done on the cross platform code and the installers by Demitar. The end result was a 0.1 release.

Since that point I've done very little on it, although after a few weekends the last winter, I almost completely re-ported the parser to Boost.Spirit. Rumour has it that another few weekends this winter and they'll be another release. The release will likely include a port back to Qt4 to ease cross platform issues.