Qt Ogre

This project is sadly out of date. I have more up to date code, but haven't yet had the time to update this page.

I've been using Ogre for about 4-5 months in my Master's Research project. In that project I'm using Qt for the toolkit. I've noticed that there is quite a lack of documentation on this process in the forums, so I've decided to post a mini project that uses Qt and Ogre.

It uses GLX in linux, and should use the Win32 stuff properly in windows. I'm not entirely happy with the way the window is created and then swallowed by Qt. Mostly because the current code doesn't allow for a two step Ogre Initialisation process, IE initialise ogre during the app startup, but don't create the window until the widget is asked to create itself. (Think tabs. They aren't shown/created until they are selected).

This code is ripped out of my project and re-organized. I have my project compiling and running on windows, but I haven't tried doing so for this yet, so it may not work out of the box in windows. I'd love feedback and patches.



  • Test this code in windows.
  • Investigate why only one animation track is updated?!.
  • Some things in the ExampleApplication.h should probably be moved into the QOgreWidget (Like the resizing code).
  • Overall, it probably should get a better design.
  • Build a code::blocks project for it.
  • Port all the ogre demos to it, do demonstrate input, etc.
  • Get a better screenshot.

Screenshot of Ogre Rendering inside of Qt

Screenshot of Ogre running inside of Qt

Camera Track

Screenshot of Ogre running inside of Qt