These aren't all of my friends. These are just the ones that have a website, and that I can remember what that website is. These are in the order of which I chose to list them. Anything implied by this ordering is completely fabricated by whatever imagination you employ.

Mike Simoens

Mike and I met when we worked doing Data Entry work at Taxback Ltd.. The story is long, but basically consists of us making fun of each other, and pushing each other to re-think the assumptions. It's worked well and we've recently started a great company together along with a few other friends who do really cool things.

He blogs, twitters, stumbles upon things, reads voraciously, and likes to make games.

Leonard Nooy

Leonard and I met at School and did some neat projects together. Lately, he writes a hilarious comic, aka a clog,.


Bob and I met at Etsy Inc., and we worked together there for over a year. He's a practical developer who writes amazingly clean, simple and easy to use code and writes insightful blog posts.

Gustavo Picón

Tabo is a father, a hacker, blogger, and a security expert. Not necessarily in that order.

Dan Mckinley

Dan and I met at Etsy Inc., where we worked toegether for nearly a year. A self described "Dynamic Language Lumberjack" he knows any codes things fluently in many languagues and is almost always the guy I turn to to quickly prototype python modules in C. He also shares my general distaste for all things XML.

Zak Johnson

Based in San Francisco, Zak is a me-lookalike and is a great programmer and all around interesting guy. Rumour has it that he's a security expert too.

Ian Russell

Ian is a good friend. We met at our previous employment that no longer exists nor can you find much of a reference to it. He's a great graphic designer, and runs a small music label.

Jared Nuzzolillo

Jay is a great guy and a good manager. He doesn't blog much.